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On behalf of the frail, elderly,
and chronically ill.

OnPointe develops and deploys an intensive, high touch, population management toolkit that enables our customers (Medicare Advantage Plans, At Risk Physician Groups, ACOs, Health Systems, and Like-Minded Post-Acute Care Companies) to comprehensively manage the healthcare lives of their most expensive, variable, and non-compliant members in real time.

With Our


In each of its markets, OnPointe works with a variety of partners, with and without financial affiliation, to form clinically integrated delivery networks focused on the “jobs to be done,” for specific high need populations. OnPointe believes this type of “open architecture” network is required to provide true comprehensive, patient-centered care.

Integration with CarePointe

CarePointe, OnPointe’s total system of care, guides patients to the most appropriate settings and clinicians as dictated by their current medical condition and financial realities. Our use and continuous development of these tools, coupled with a medical model rather than the traditional custodial model for physician services, makes us a true industry leader in care management.

Strategic Solutions | Customized to Each Market


Due to its extensive experience in both development and operations across the senior care continuum, OnPointe can design a solution that is perfectly customized to each market. From its breathtaking facility designs to its creative, person-centered service delivery packages to its ground-breaking partnership models in the local healthcare community, OnPointe carefully chooses each element that makes up the overall project in order to maximize stakeholder experience.

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